Woodworking Guidelines - Furniture Fittings

The usefulness of veneered and melamine-faced chipboard has been revolutionised by the broad range of fittings accessible for becoming a member of it jointly and for generating household furniture, this kind of as equipped cupboards and wardrobes.

All the fittings described on this write-up are sold separately in do-it-by yourself stores and by mail purchase, but the fittings supplied with acquired home furniture (particularly kitchen units) are identical. Numerous of the fittings are known as KD (knockdown) simply because they have the characteristic (unlike standard woodworking joints) that the home furniture can be taken apart after it has been assembled.

Chipboard screws and plugs

Common woodscrews do not just take well in chipboard, and particular chipboard screws have been developed. Searching a lot more like self-tapping screws than woodscrews. chipboard screws are typically threaded all the way to the head and often have a double thread, which implies the screw goes in more rapidly. Textured Melamine into the chipboard as it is set in to give a very good grip. Some more substantial chipboard screws come with a special drilling jig to make positive the holes to receive them are drilled in the appropriate place. To cover the regular chipboard screws, specific plastic covering plugs are obtainable in white, magnolia or brown, dependent on the kind of chipboard getting used. These cither thrust into the Pozidriv head of the screw or into a counterbored gap in which the screw is recessed.

To get a more robust link, a chipboard plug can be used. Some of these function on the exact same principle as reliable-wall repairing (increasing as the screw is driven in) even though others are glued into the chipboard the two let normal woodscrews to be utilized. A hole (normally 8mm in diameter) is drilled in the edge of the chipboard which will get the screw and the screw is pushed into the plug to give a safe repairing. Once more, a dowelling or other jig will keep the hole square.